Friday, February 17, 2017


This has been a very interesting week. Our mission president personally called us about 3 or 4 times to keep us updated on a tornado with a 4% chance of hitting Amite and he told us that we had a .5% chance of getting hit at our apartment. So we got to hang out in the center of our house, the bathroom for a few hours with bicycle helmets on. Its was great! After wards, Prez told us not to go to any tornado sites for safety reason until the next day. So, the next day of course, we got some information from a neighbor that one of the tornadoes hit in Loranger, so of course we went there with the idea of "service tracting." The 2nd house that we knocked on was a member of the church who had moved there a few years ago, but didn't know that there was a church new by. So this time, we got all of his information so that his records could be pulled from Oklahoma. That night we had missionary coordination and now he is the newest member of the branch! 

Also, we had our tire lights pop up less than a week after having them filled, so we called Elder Smith, and he told us that it was probably a nail in our tire. So 3 stores later (they offered us kits to do it ourselves, but I am not that confident with cars), we went to this tire place and the guy fixed it for free! There actually was a nail in one of the tires.  I love being a missionary! 

We have found a lot of success finding on fun/movie names streets! Hopefully these few families will come to church soon :) We found a large family on one of the movie street names and it ended up being the family of the guy who jump started our car a few weeks ago! So he saw us driving down, and he came on over! It was amazing! 

Anyways, it was crazy week! I love y'all!

P.S. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! The following article is about LOVE! Real Christ-Like Love! Also, the picture with all the yellow helping hands shirts is in the Hammond building, where we go all the time for meetings. That picture means a lot Too-mey 💛

Sister Toomey

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! How has everyone been? 

This week started off by seeing Elder Golden of the 70. We were told to fast for him and for us the Sunday before. When he spoke, anyone could tell that it was from the Spirit and it was so powerful! He answered just about every question and concern that I had! The missionary schedule has changed a lot, and I am so glad because some things, especially studies in the morning sometimes needed to be moved for other commitments. P-day got a lot longer and allows us to study whenever we want. This purpose of this is to make the transition home easier because I plan on studying the scriptures as soon as I wake up, not necessarily at a time later in the day. I see a lot of blessings coming from this change & I have a lot of faith in it. 

We had car problems for 3 days in a row. Long story short, we got to speak to about 6 different people and all of them were so willing to hlep out. When we were asking around for help at a gas station, 2 of the times they were mechanics, and that was such a tender mercy because God knew that only they could help us! 

J is still going to be baptised, but the date was changed from the 18/19th to the 25/26 so that the person who she wants to have baptise her doesn't have work.

Anyways, I love y'all! 
Sister Toomey

3 generation, My trainee, Sister Scott, My trainer, me and My Sister aka my trainer's other trainee. Confusing. I know.

My first attempt at making cheesey apple scones. I used the southern cooking tip, of always adding extra delicious things. Apparently that is what makes food good. The scones were not cooked at that point.

I complimented an investigator on her cat statues, and she insisted on giving them to us. So we put them outside so whenever we walk outside, we can have a good laugh :P
Sister Hyer and I with the wild "Lion Bunny" named Sprinkles before we found out that it is our neighbors