Tuesday, April 18, 2017

He is Risen!!

Hello! I'll keep this one short. I would like to focus on the Atonement and how important it is. I have meet so many people on my mission who know that Jesus Christ was resurrected, meaning that he came back from the dead but with a perfect body. I know that the same will happen to us, and we will all recieve a perfect body just like Jesus Christ. 

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Love you!!!
Sister Toomey

Baton Rouge Temple

Meet Fred

Mom's Note:  She sent this on 11 April 2017.

Hello Everyone! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day! These past few weeks have been interesting, not quite Louisiana interesting, but missionary interesting. I learned how to do the "missionary stretch" or as I call it the "Elder Stretch." Basically you just stretch up your arms and do some funny stretches. Sister S, who informed us on this, said that we can eat a solid 3-5 more bites of food this way! I'm not sure if it's the most healthy thing to do, but it kind of works lol.

We got a Bible referral, but they went uncontacted for a few weeks because they were sent to the wrong sisters, so we went down there and tracted her street. But this was no ordinary street! It was full of wonderful people who were really willing to hear the gospel! One sister was just released from the hospital that day after a bad car accident, so we went back the next day and helped her wash her hair. I didn't know that it took so many products to straighten hair "naturally." It was funny because long story short, my companion bleached my hair blond. I was really worried at first because it was so different, but it is growing on me and completely changed the chemistry of my hair (for very good reasons). 

Last P-day, we went to Bass Pro Shop, and we meet Fred, a ginormous Alligator Snapping Turtle. We also ran into another set of missionaries investigator who invited us to his church. Then we also ran into another 2 members of the church who had meet when i was serving in Amite. One of them was celebrating her last day of work before she started her mission. 

Love you all!!! 
Sister Toomey


Bass Pro Shop. I tried to give a pass a long card to a manican.

Baton Rouge at night. This guys has good friends who didn't let him drive home himself. I still don't know how I feel about it, but it's hilarious.

The Cantelope Approach

Mom's Note:  She sent this email out on 27 March 2017.

Hello Everyone! This week we have been working on just getting investigators. This area is so different from both of my previous areas, we have been switching it up a lot! We have been trying to find the less-active members of the church, but most of them haven’t been answering their door, so we have been tracting around their street. We meet this guy, who was Catholic, like most people in this area, and after we knew that he was about to turn us away, I offered to help him with his family history. He said that his wife had done a lot of work and he invited us inside and he showed us picture of his family and of the country where their ancestors were from (it turned out to be a cute and tiny island near the Dominican Republic). So Sister Nelson gave him our number, so that he could give it to his wife and we left. 

We gave a church and temple grounds tour to T, our one investigator. I feel so blessed to be right next to the temple! Even though he didn't go to church the next day, it was still a neat experience. 

Apparently Sister Nelson had tried to see this one less-active family before, but they kept rescheduling, and usually that means that they aren't that they aren't ready yet, so we went to their door, uninvited with a cantaloupe, and they welcomed us right in! They seemed to have strong factual testimonies of our prophet, but they wouldn't come to church. So we tried to help them out and told them that they needed to act on their faith in order to receive an answer about whether or not they should come back to church. Then they gave us a case of water, which was a huge blessing, because we were about to run out! Our goal this week, is to watch General Conference with them! I am really excited for General Conference this weekend!! I know GREAT things are going to be said and the Spirit will testify of the truth of it all!! I know that the Prophet, President Monson, or one of his Apostles will answer your questions that you have about LITERALLY ANYTHING. I am really excited!  

I love y'all and hope you have a blessed week! 😀💚😁❤

Sister Toomey