Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Congratulations to my Mommy for now being engaged to Kent!!!! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ˜€ While all this is happening, I'll just stay here in Louisiana in my little branch. 

So funny story, a few days ago, we have been telling M that if he just invited his friends to meet with us, then the false ideas would be cleared up and that they would be able to understand why he is trying not to break the word of wisdom and why he is also trying to keep the 10 commandments. So, his friend C went to his house Sunday morning, and told M that he wanted to go to church with him. So, the joke is now that C took M to church, and everyone was super friendly to him and he really like the fast and testimony meeting. We taught gospel principles...well, that will be another story for when I come home...but anyways, I learned a life lesson at church: If you really love somebody, then you can tell them what you know will be best for them and that they need to pull themselves together because you know that will be thanking you down the road. There is an analogy that my mission president taught us a few weeks ago: Imagine yourself, sitting on the side of a river, dangling your feet in the water, and then you saw someone you love, (i.e. investigator, companion, family, friend...) and they were enjoying themselves in a tube floating down the river, and you saw a big waterfall downstream. Now what do you need to do? Do you not want to tell them because they are happily enjoying themselves on the tube and it might inconvenience them? NO! That is not going to help them. You need to tell them to get out of the dangerous river and then help them to safety. You may think that is it the nice thing to do to just leave them there and not bug them about what is going to come ahead, but really you need to tell them to get out before it's too late. The same thing goes with your friends, or in my case investigators, who are straying from the strait and narrow path that you have showed them, and it is your job to straight up tell them. 

This week have have done a lot of tracting (door approaches) with lots of success. We have been told nearly countless times about how beautiful we are, and it is hard to find people who are really interested in the gospel and committed to learning more, not just learning more about us. So, that is our struggle. 

Also, I will be sending out Christmas cards soon!! So if you want one, then send me your address, and I will get one sent to you! 

I love y'all!! 

Sister Heidi Toomey

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