Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Bus, a Train, Another Train, a Plane, a Third Train, a Small Plane, and Van later...

I made it to Louisiana!!! The MTC was wonderful and I know that I learned a lot, and it really built my confidence in teaching with the Spirit. It was seriously one of the greatest experiences of my life! I am kind of sad that I will only be able to go there once, unless I go as a senior Missionary, which would be amazing!

I left the MTC at 3:50 AM and hopped around trains until I got to the airport. I was feeling pretty good until I got on the small plane (from Houston, TX to Baton Rouge, LA) and were landing and it got a little shaky, so I started praying until I felt better haha, it worked :)

After spending a night in the mission home and meeting President Hansen and his wife, I had to say goodbye to my trio, and got a new companion. I was a little worried about how I would be able to teach with only one companion at first, but I all worked out in the end. All it takes is faith and trust in you companion (s) to know that they will be able to teach with the Spirit, and that is why you are suppose to pray for them whenever you are not teaching. It really works. And when it came time for me to teach, I prayed that they will understand and increase their faith in Jesus Christ.

We have gotten a new investigator every day since I have been here, except for the first day, but we were stuck in a Fire Stone haha. 
On my second day, we (Sister Crane, a member, and I) extended C an invitation to be Baptized! She excepted!!! I was absolutely thrilled!!! Please pray for her and her family! She has a wonderful and strong testimony of the gospel!

I have had so many miracles happen daily! It has been amazing! and the people here are so nice! I now understand what southern hospitality is! The first time I went tracting, we shared the restoration, and then prayed while holding hands in the middle of the street! It was amazing!

Yesterday, on Sunday, it was branch conference and the Stake President came up to me afterwards and he told me that if we hadn't run out of time, then I would had spoke! I was surprised and very flattered! I would had loved to talk! So next time, hopefully I will be able to speak :)

I am in a 60-person branch in Luling, just south of New Orleans, and is the closest I will ever get to NO,LA without speaking EspaƱola or being an Elder haha, so this is basically my dream area :)

If you want to mail me any postcards, get info from my Mom.

Love ya!!
Sister Toomey
Sister Toomey
Classic MTC departing picture with Mommy and Hannah

My first compaions Sister Hyer and Sister Uibel. We are all lefties from Utah

Once again, a classic missionary photo in front of the huge world map!!

The other district in our zone lead us on a clever scavenger hunt Easter morning in the MTC!

Me and my companions in front of the Provo Temple!

The sisters in my district!!

The sisters in my small zone!

THE District

I found Sister Landeen!

My Main Teachers

My Teachers


The Small Plane to Baton Rouge!

The Small Plane to Baton Rouge view!

Meeting The Mission President and his wife for the first time in the airport

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