Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Door.

This week, our investigators have been progressing more. I think that I have been getting better at getting my "foot in the door" not literally, but getting people thinking about why they need the full gospel into their lives. It takes time for them to be spiritually ready to make that commitment and make some major life changes to be closer to the Lord. A lot of people tell us that they already have the Bible, and that is it, and they don't need anything else (like in 2 Nephi 29...read it because it somewhat describes part of my mission). So, I have been working on getting past that and expanding their knowledge so that they can know more. Honestly, everyone wants to know more, but its a matter of whether or not they are willing to accept it and more forward. 

When I first got here, they made a new rule that you cannot drive until after your first transfer (6 weeks) and you get your Tiwi card. So I have finally gotten my Tiwi card, and now I can chauffeur my companion around! 

We have meet several people with scriptural names this week, Alma, Moses, Isaiah, and a few others. It's pretty cool! 

Love all of you!! 

Sister Toomey

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