Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why Families?

Why do anything? Why believe in God or a being that created the world? Why do strange miracles happen? Why are we here on this earth? What is our purpose for being here? You may be asking yourself, where am I going with this? Where did I come from?

I am asked questions like this, and even deeper questions like this all the time. But one, I had absolutely no answer to, yet it seemed so simple and basic. So I told her that I would take it to my studies. The question was, "How were our families picked to be together?" I looked everywhere for an answer to this question and I have come to one simple conclusion: the Lord loves us so much, that he GAVE us families; HE IS THE ONE WHO PICKED THEM TO BE WITH US BECAUSE HE KNEW THAT IT WOULD BRING US BACK TO HIM!! It have all been apart of the plan all along. God knows things that we don't. After all, He created this world, and he knows what is happening with it, and what will happen.

Also, this week, we went with a Recent Convert to the Family History Library and she found her mother. She was extremely happy and it got me thinking about my mother. And how the Lord chose us to be a family. No mistakes. I love my family, even though they have driven me crazy at times, I still choose to love them. God loves them, and I do to.

*Shout out to my Mom and Seesters in Utah and Finland*

As for the rest of you, I love you to! I feel like people don't say it enough. Can I challenge all of you to tell the people that you love, "I love you." It's simple, and yet it can make the biggest difference in the world in a moment in time.

See ya!
Sister Toomey


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