Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Rains Came Down, and the Floods Came Up

sent on 15 Aug 2016.

Hey Y'all! Y'all have probably already heard about the major flooding going on. But luckily, my area is safe. It has been raining daily for weeks. But a few days ago, while Sister Bell and I were weekly planning, it started raining a lot more than it does normally. I heard that we got about 9" of rain just in that one day, but luckily, our parish (county) has good drainage systems, and the neighborhoods are spread out enough to have swamps in between which also suck up the water. I have heard of Elders and Sisters saving lives. Luckily, we are all safe, so no worries :) 

Lately I have been really focusing on reading the Book of Mormon, the New Testament and Isaiah. There are so many "nuggets" of golden knowledge in these books. Like wow. I have been trying to pick out the parts that will be useful for teaching. and Wow, they are literally everywhere, especially in the book of Mosiah. I also love reading about how Alma and Amulek begun their missionary work (Alma 11).

School started in the parishes down here, and sometimes when we go tracting, people think that we are teachers hahaha. We are not exactly the teachers they think we are. We teach the doctrine and principles of Jesus Christ, and the math we teach is for tithing, finding 10% of your income + all of your heart to show your love for Christ and to build up his kingdom. "We are the only tools that the God has to work with," -Brigham Young. 

Have a blessed day and be safe!

Sister Toomey

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