Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Just a great week

Our church building has turned into a Pokémon hot-spot, which I find absolutely hilarious! We need to set up a table with Restoration pamphlets or something inviting them in to the church for our Sunday services. I keep hearing stories of people going to church historical sites to find Pokémon. The plus that I see to this, is that more people are getting out of their house and going out into the public, to where we can meet them, and teach them about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have run into at least 2 people that have said that they were praying for answers to their religious questions, and then we popped up! I feel like this has happened a lot. We run into people who God has prepared, and it is their decision to know whether or not what we teach is true. Also, of the many people that we run into, many of them ask us if their baptism, usually into a Baptist church is valid, especially after we teach them about having the power of God, also known as the Priesthood. It breaks my heart to respond, but I cannot beat around the bush, especially when it is so important to understand that we need to be baptized with the priesthood, power from God for it to be valid. But, those people were acting on the knowledge that they knew at the time, and we can only add to it. I know that the Book of Mormon, clarifies doctrine in the Bible (there cannot be so many different teachings one book).

Anyways, next week is "miracle Monday" where we proselyte on Monday, and P-day is on Tuesday, when we will find out whether or not we are being tranfered.

The Church is true!! I love you guys!!
Sister Toomey

2016Aug1- Sister Bell & I

2016Aug1- eating crepes

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