Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Promised Land

We had another 2 baptisms and confirmations!!! Congratulations to F and O!!! Their baptismal service and confirmation blessings were both beautiful!
After church on Sunday, Sister Bell and I went to untouched territory, meaning that Mormon Missionaries haven't ever been there, or at least in the past few decades, but probably not, to a small town called Killona, which is on the edge of our area boundaries. We went there originally because someone went on and requested missionaries, and even though we were not able to teach those who requested us, we were able to get 14 new investigators within a few short hours. I am still shocked and in the 'what just happened' zone, so I would like to thank the Spirit for helping prepare the many people we have been teaching and have just recently found. I am still convinced that this is the promised land.
I went on splits with one of the Spanish sister training leaders in Kenner, and I ate so. much. Hispanic. food. I thought my stomach was going to explode quite literally and from deliciousness while we were on our 2nd lunch.

I have decided to dedicate Sundays /or/ P-days to studying Isaiah, and I feel like really studying it, and applying it to my life is enriching it, even if you are not a missionary, you can still apply these principle to your life.  

I lauve y'all!

Sister Toomey

2016Jul23- Luling Baptism

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