Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jesus: 1; Satan: 0

in case you were wondering what the score board was looking like big :) A, who I have been teaching for 3 months, was baptized, with the proper priesthood authority of God, on Saturday. It was AWESOME, but I have to got to say, it was really, really awesome how she was baptized, but the coolest part was watching her learn, and grow, and make changes to her life, and let the Spirit come into action. There is not better sight than to have front-row seats of someone who is allowing Christ to guide their life. I can't even type the words of how exciting it is to be one of the Lord's missionaries.  

I got a new companion, Sister Bell, who is from Alaska and pretty cool. I was really nervous to be taking over the area because of how large it is, and how many cities it covers, but I knew that the Lord qualifies those who he calls, and now I firmly believe that, because he qualified me to do this calling, and take over this part of the New Orleans area, which I am still convinced is still the promised land :)

Love y'all!

Sister Toomey
2016Jul2- baptism!!!

2016Jul2- waffles
2016Jun21- Alligator Alley

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