Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Refiner's Fire

sent 11 July 2016.

I have now realized that the mission, now refines you in ways that you didn't even know that you needed to be helped with, or were even a thing, or even possible. I have found that sometimes, the only way to do things, is to turn to the Lord, because He is the only one who can fully help you. The atonement makes that possible for not only me, but everyone else. 

Sister Bell and I are still working on our many investigators, including Recent Converts and Less Actives to build up this small and strong branch of Zion. Note that I am matching one of the members, who is about to move to Utah, so if you see her, know that I know her and she is pretty awesome! 

I have never had so many appointments in my life, especially in the past few weeks. I have been trying to meet with our investigators more frequently through out the week, and we have had almost no time to tract. i absolutely love tracting. i think that it is so much fun!! Anyone who knows me know that I love to meet new people, even if they do not accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, I still love them. 

We started to teach a Pagan who we found on an inspired street. Paganism is especially different in the south, because it seems like everyone here strongly believed in Jesus Christ. 

I have also learned, that I actually do like shrimp, which I did not like before, at least if it was cooked in yellow eggplant, then it is actually quite delicious, thank you to Sister LH! 

With all of the crazinness going around Lousisana, we have to in our appartments by dark, unless we are in a safe area..., which luckily we have a car, so we can be out a little later than the biking elders. 

Hope y'all are having a blessed day!
Sister Toomey


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