Wednesday, October 5, 2016

General Conference

Hello! This week we have gotten a lot of Bible referrals from and if you want one, please click on the little links at the bottom. You can even get a Book of Mormon and missionaries if you request 😀 and someone like me, will come to your door and personally give it to you. This week, wow. I now have some very interesting stories from some of those referrals that I will share when I come home. 

General Conference was awesome!! Sister Scott and I went to a different place for every session! First, we went to an older lady/members house, and she fed us a delicous lunch. She had enough food for 2 elders and it was great. Then we taught the Restoration to a member who goes to another branch's house's best friend's daughter. And it was awesome and Sister Scott lead it. Then we watched the next session at the member's home, so basically we stayed right where we were, but the member's best friend's daughter has to leave, and we watched general conference with lots of other family and friends coming and going and coming again, and it was pretty cool for them to hear a few words of the modern day prophets. Then the next day, our morning conference plans fell through, so we went down to the Hammond Stake center and watched conference with other missionaries in the area and it was pretty sweet. The members there hooked them up with lots of food, and it was delicious. Then we went over to another member's home, and had spaghetti made by a real italian. 

But I just loved to hear the words of the modern-day prophet, and I am so grateful to have one to listen to along with the apostles. I can testify to you that they know what is coming, and I know that they are there to help guide us back to our Heavenly Father. I noticed that they spoke a lot a about the Plan of Salvation, the restoration of the gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and other laws and ordinances of the gospel. I think that they talked about just about everything that we, as missionaries talk about. If I had a investigator record sheet, I probably could had checked just about everything off of it. And you know what? Those basics of the gospel are important. I know that there is a reason why they were talked about because they need to often be re-emphesized to remind everyone of what is important, so that we can build up our faith in Jesus Christ. 

Sister Toomey

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