Tuesday, September 27, 2016


In case you were wondering, it is pronounced [a-MEET] and it is in the Denham Springs zone and my area is about 40x40 miles. Luckily, most of this area was not badly affected. Doubling in is super weird. The previous elders did not keep the best of records, so we are nearly starting from the ground up. So, we have been tracting a lot. Usually I do not tract for more than an hour a day, but we have no choice, but luckily it's a lot easier to tell whether or not they actually are interested, so spend our time with those who are ready. I love how straight forward the people are here. Since the culture is so different from Luling, I feel like I am in another mission, but with the same mission president. 

Training a new missionary is pretty fun! Sister Scott is pretty cool, she is from California. Everyone was surprised when we, the sisters took over the area. To quote a member, "you don't sounds like the elders." I can't help but laugh, because I find these members it to be absolutely hilarious. One of the very first people who we called was the branch president, and he said that the Relief Society would be very happy to hear that we were here, and it's true, everyone one of them was thrilled! 

This weekend on Saturday and Sunday will be General Conference, which is where the Prophet and his Apostles talk to everyone of us here on this earth. I have found a lot of answers to my questions during these conferences, and I can promise you that if you have a noteworthy question, that it will be answered if you really listen, especially to the Spirit. 

Pictured below:
Sister Scott's first day in the field. Notice in the background, is a gigantic map, printed out on small pieces of paper and then tacked to a wall, made by a previous elder in our living room. Our apartment has a lot of random fun things in it :) 
Sister Toomey
Sister Scott's first day in the field.

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