Monday, January 23, 2017

1 Dead Car Battery = 3 Souls

Mom's Note: She sent this on 9 Jan 2017.

If you read the title, there is a big story behind it. So we were out tracting in the country, and we were driving between houses because of the long distance, and we were turning the car on and off a lot. So, we stop in front of this one house, and we were about to get out, until this guy with dreads(Baptist) asks us if we need any help with our car, but not about to miss an opportunity, I tell him that we are missionaries. He freaked out and told us about this guy who loves missionaries(non-denomination) and he gave us his card, and I kept the battery going, but not the engine, and all of a sudden TIWI said, "Possible Low Battery." I didn't even know TIWI could know that. Afterwards, I tried to move my car forward, and the engine wouldn't start. Well, the guy was right next to the car still, and then offers to jump start our car. So we agreed and quickly the rest of his family jumps out of the car with the jumper cables and we pop the hood and they do everything else, and bang! The car started and we drove away. We then prayed about whether or not we should still see a member up in that direction because normally we work in the opposite direction, and we felt like we should see her, so we went there and didn't have any more car troubles (Her story may continue next week). Then we called Elder Jensen, who is in charge of all the cars in the mission and told him about what happened, and he told us that we could have our battery checked at Auto Zone, so we went there, and luckily it wasn't too far away, and also another long story short, the guy told us that our battery needed to be replaced and while he was fixing it, he told us about his life and we taught him a little about the Spirit World and gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and talked about God's plan until his boss told him to go back inside. <> It was awesome! And that is how 3 souls were touched because of 1 dead battery. 

Also, we had Denham Springs stake conference, and of course, a 70 came (aparently he has been here a lot since the flood) and I got to shake his hand. Pretty cool guy. 

Also, on the first day of the cold front, we were put on lock-down, because of the cold and other weather disaster warnings. It didn't snow in our area, but it snowed on the opposite side of the mission, which is very rare. 

So, I was looking for the new name of the next LBRM President after hearing that he played BYU football in the 70's. I will be ending the last 2 transfers (about 3 months) of my mission with him. Then I found this, and thought that it might be worth sharing, and FYI, I don't hear a single thing about politics. I barely found out who won a few months ago.

Love Ya!!
Sister Toomey

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