Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tea goes in the Trash

So this week, we brought over Sister G, to go see J and we had planned on teaching her about Temples, so of course we brought out the new pamphlets and were flipping back and forth in there. I will never forget her reaction when I told her that she could be sealed to her family forever, and that families are literally forever because that is how God intended it to be. It was amazing and so much emotion swept over all of us because the Spirit was testifying of it so strongly! Words don't do it justice. She's not even married, but you can tell how much she loves her family! After jumping from several different principles and very important things to know, we were about to end, and then she pulled out some of her fancy tea. Sister G leaned close to me and asked me if we had taught the Word of Wisdom yet. We said no, and that we were going to teach it next week. I did not want to overwhelm with because we had already taught her so much. But I realized that those who have been prepared by the Lord for the gospel, can't have "too much" and Sister G knew that and was planning on being very good friends with her and wanted her to know her standards. So, we told her about the Word of Wisdom. Sister G boldly told her that we didn't drink tea, she pick them up and started to get rid of them without us asking. She just caught on and knew what the Lord wanted her to do. The Spirit is real! 

A few days later, a.k.a. Sunday, we went down to the country part of Independence and saw Ms TK, and right before we walked in there, we had no idea of what we were going to teach her, so we decided that unless something popped up, that we would just read the Book of Mormon and were unsure of what commitment to leave with her. We were going discuss it more once I parked the car. But we couldn't because Ms TK's brother was out in his yard (people here usually live on the same property as the rest of their family and don't go far) and he, as a Jehovah Witness had some questions for us. Now I have run into him about half a dozen times. But this time, we were easily able to get through without without talking about his theories. Then we finally able to get to Ms TK's trailor and she offered us some of her soup, and we politely declined and then she offered us some tea. I told her boldly, being inspired by Sister G, about how we don't drink that unless it is herbal. She told us it was, and I was okay with getting it, and then she got it, and it was a big brand Green Tea. She claimed that it was herbal and we had to clearly explain to her that it was not, and that it was legit tea because it was from a legit tea plant, not some herbs in water (referring to mint, lemon, etc.). We then went over D&C 89 and talked about the blessings from following the Word of Wisdom, such as having health in our naval, and marrow in our bones, receiving "wisdom and great treasures of knowledge; even hidden treasures" [I think this means to getting answers to questions that we have been having, such as things in the scriptures, or things to do with our lives or the lives of others], and we wont be weary, and "not be faint." I think that the most important one is that "the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them." I know that keeping the Word of Wisdom is a very important commandment to keep, and it shows our gratitude for our precious bodies that our Heavenly Father gave us. I know that there is a reason, that we may not completely understand of why we need to stay away from tea, coffee, tobacco, and other illegal and addictive substances, but if we keep our faith in God, then we will be blessed. Don't like your immediate desires keep you away from your eternal goals. And if you think that you are too old to have it make any difference in our life, then remember to do it for the Lord, not for yourself. After the lesson, we gave back the tea, and told her that we were not going to drink it. Then she said, "I do." We are going back to recommit her to it. I hope that one day she truly understands the blessings that it brings. 

Anyways, this week has been very nice weather wise in the 60's. We haven't had any tornado warnings in the past few days, so we can say that we're pretty safe! I love you all!!

Sister Toomey

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