Monday, January 23, 2017

Waffle House!

Mom's Note: She sent this on 17 Jan 2017.


So, long story short, yesterday was Martin L. King Jr. day yesterday, and almost everything was closed, and that is why I am emailing today and it will be like this again next week because of transfers. We will see what will happen. 

On Saturday night, we went to Waffle House, and I always think that I will just have a nice, peaceful meal, but whenever I think that, it doesn't happen. And honestly, I love it. So we go in, and I didn't quite remember the etiquette, so I asked if we could just sit anywhere, and of course they said, "ya" (I haven't been there in several months). So we picked a booth and the waitress, who was grateful that we sat in her section of the restaurant, quickly came up to us and asked us if it was our first time in Waffle House, and we both said that we hadn't been there in a very long time. We ordered after looking over entire menu, which is very unusual for Louisiana. Locals typically know what they want as soon as they walk into a restaurant. So, we got out pecan waffles and hashbrowns, and then of course, an old couple who was sitting in the next booth over started talking to us as they were leaving the restaurant. The man specifically asked us where we live, and since his wife was still talking, I was listening to her, and talked with her, and when she was done talking, he asked us where we lived again. I said Amite, and it did not satisfy him. He looked so offended, and then proceeded to tell us where his office was. Well, this got the attention of the entire restaurant, especially the workers. ALL the workers. So, after the old couple left, the workers started talking to us and one of the cooks told us that he thinking about becoming a Mormon. It was the best! So we taught 5/7's of Waffle House.

Also, we have gotten 2 more wonderful investigators, and we pray that one of them will be able to be baptized next month. Amite is just blooming!
P.S. Eat some waffles

I love y'all!! 
Sister Toomey

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